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The art-punk firestorm of the Rivington School – in pictures –

A new book documents the wild energy of the Rivington School, a collective of New Yorkers who carved an industrial niche out of the rapidly Read more …

Rivington School: 80s New York Underdround Book Launch by Printed Matter

Rivington School: 80s New York Underground Book Launch

Rivington School: 80s New York Underground documents the work of the Rivington School group of artists that emerged during the turbulent 1980s in the heart of the Lower East Side. The Rivington School gave rise to a number of highly regarded artists, including FA-Q (Kevin Wendall).

East Village-Vanished Landmark-NYC The Gas Station & Junk Tower

It was managed by Linus Coraggio, and made by an artist collective of sculptors called the Rivington School.

A Final Farewell to FA-Q

A final farewell to FA-Q

Artist Kevin Wendall, known as FA-Q (pronounced, “fack you”), left, died Nov. 15 at age 55.

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FA-Q by Pirtola

The history of FA-Q began on toilet walls and evolved to street, public walls from 1978 until…starting where I was born Cleveland, Ohio and ending all over the world.

Memorial Service for Kevin Wendall

The Remembrance of Life of Kevin Wendall

His year long arts were exhibited along with slide shows of Kevin at work and all of them were shared and cherished again by the legendary local artists from Rivington School movement.

Memorial Service for Kevin Wendall

Memorial Service for Kevin Wendall aka FA-Q

We could all use a good laugh, and Kevin was always the first to make that happen, either by telling nonsensical stories or by the goofy faces he loved to make.

Kevin Wendall, FA-Q Art

FA-Q by Luciano Caprile

FA-Q is is an omnivorous artist: he consumes all the colors; he hurls himself at every space. He paints in a hurry: he’s a convinced exponent of “fast painting” which is also a type of behavior, a way of life (or non-life).

Genitrification, Screw, December, 1984

Genitrification, Screw

The vaguely Haring-esque cartoon pictured everybody’s post modernist darling in in flagrante delicto with an anatomically overburdened (having both tits and cock) gallery owner.