FA-Q's Education & Awards

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Baldwin Wallace College, Berea, OH, Major: Fine Arts
Cooper School of Art, Cleveland, OH, Major: Fine Arts
Cuvahoga Community College, Cleveland, OH, Major: Fine Arts
Collaborations with Enrico Baj, Milan, Italy
Rivington School, New York, NY


1990: American Center. Kvoto, Japan Travel Grant
1988: Hankyu Five Department Store. Osaka, Japan Travel Grant
1986: University of Helsinki. Finland Travel Grant


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Enrico Baj Collection
Santa Barbara Museum. Santa Barbara, California
Nagoya College of Art. Nagoya, Japan
University of Helsinki. Finland
Metropolitan Museum of Art. Artist Book Collection; New York City
Giancarlo Politti Collpction
Karel Appel Collection


1994-1996: Richard Serra, Sculptor’s Assistant, New York, NY
1990-1 992: James Havard, Artist Assistant, New York, NY,
1986-1 988: Studio Museum of Harlem, Installation Assistant, New York, NY
1984-1986: American Craft Museum, Installation Assistant, New York, NY
1982-1 984: Red Grooms, Artist Assistant, New York, NY
1979-1 982: St. Anthony’s Home for Boys, and art teacher/therapist, Cleveland, OH



2001: Gallery Kawafune. Tokyo, Japan
2000: Gallery Kawafune. Tokyo, Japan
1998 Dec.15, Milan, Italy
1997: Gallery Kawafune. Tokyo, Japan
1995: Studio Marconi. Milan, Italy
1993: Now Gallery. New York, NY
1992: Emerging Collector. New York, NY
1992: Studio Marconi. Milan, Italy
1986: Ratingerhof Club. Dusseldorf, Germany


2004: Art from Marz, Tompkins Square Library. New York, NY
2004: KCDC Skateshop. Williamsburg, NY
2002: Summer Group Show, Gallery 128. New York, NY
2001: Firehouse #5 Gallery. NYC
1993: Sixth Sense Gallery. New York, NY
1993: Civilian Warfare Gallery. New York, NY
1993: New York Now (this minute), East Village Art. Anthrax Gallery, Stamford, CT
1993: St. Marks Gallery. New York, NY
1992: Dramatis Personae. New York, NY
1989: L’Arsenale, ii Laboratorio e l’Artista. Amalfi. Italy
1988: Street Collaboration ‘88, Hankyu Five. Osaka, Japan
1986: NYC Street Art, Vahnhan Gallery. Helsinki University, Helsinki, Finland
1986: Graffitti and Street Art, Suomen Aino Gallery. Helsinki, Finland, 1986


1990: Mural for the American Center, Osaka, Japan
1986: Artist in Residence: Kunst Academie, Dusseldorf, West Germany
1986: Artist in Residence: Enrico Baj Studio
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